The Promise of the Fifth Sun

The Promise of the Fifth Sun  explores the myths and the healing secrets found within these ancient stories of creation and native cosmology. By understanding how our native ancestors viewed life, we are able to learn from their profound understanding of healing and its connection to the unseen forces of life and creation. We are the promise, and our time has arrived.

>  The Promise of the Fifth Sun reconnects us to the sacred roots of life and creation. The ancient Toltec and Nahuatl people lived in order to express and celebrate the mystery of creation through time and space. Looking through their eyes, through their heart and soul, we come to recognize of a unified, nature-rooted existence containing all the medicine and power needed for our healing. There is more than culture and customs that remains in the collective consciousness of our native and Latino communities. A rich, ancestral promise stirs within each one of us. The promise restores our rightful place within the evolving history of creation.